You've finally got

It's date night. You've finally got a babysitter lined up, and you and your partner are ready for a night out on the town. What are some fun things to do to capitalize on your free time? First on the list is to figure out what activities you would enjoy doing as a couple. Is there a concert in the area that you both might enjoy? Or are you thinking you would rather relax in a quiet movie theater? Autumn is upon us, so maybe you want to check out some local finds, like taking a winery tour, a hayride through a pumpkin patch, or a nice walk through a local park to look at the beautiful color of the leaves. Whatever you decide, it's best to have a plan before you start your night so you can take full advantage of your time away from home. Consider what you both want When planning your activities, be prepared to disagree and compromise For example, think about the nightlife:..? Do you prefer something lively like salsa dancing while your partner enjoys something more romantic like slow dancing Communication can be key when planning a location to visit. Coordinate If you'll be juggling multiple activities in the same night, it may pay off to check your timing First, decide on a place to eat and make a reservation This will eliminate waiting in long lines to eat... If you plan on catching a movie after dinner, check out the movie start times before you head out. It's also a great idea to check the movie runtime online or to ask at the box so you have an idea of when you will be leaving the theater. This will allow you to coordinate your departure from the theater with your dinner reservations. It's also smart to buy your tickets in advance so there's no delay when you reach the theater and no chance of the movie being sold out before you arrive. This goes double for concerts: if a good concert is taking place in your area, make sure you purchase the tickets ahead of time so you do not find out once you arrive to the arena that the concert is sold out. Prepare for the worst After all of your planning, it makes sense to ensure you can follow through For example, consider asking a friend to be a backup babysitter, just in case the first backs out at the last minute Also... , if you are considering things to do outside, check the forecast. You certainly do not want to plan a romantic walk in the woods while it is pouring down rain! A little planning goes a long way to maximize the time spent together with the one you love.Whatever you fancy, spending a few hours out on the town is worth all of the preparation. A night out is definitely something to look forward to!